Our Team

John Parks, B.S. Chemistry, Yale University

Over 40 years environmental and fisheries science and management experience with regulatory approvals, trophy trout requirements, stock development including sterilization techniques (triploidy, hormonal, gonadectomy), monosexing habitat needs, habitat enhancements stocking strategies, population monitoring, environmental impacts of fish culture watershed management, mercury modelling, aquatic chemistry, hydrology, and co-author of method for complete sterilization of brook trout.

Derek Parks,

M.Sc. Fisheries Biology, University of Waterloo
B.Sc. Honours Biology and Environmental Science, Trent University
Diploma, Ecosystem Management GIS, Sir Sandford Fleming College

Over 30 years experience with fisheries habitat assessment, habitat enhancement, bioengineering, trout culture, sterilization, benthic invertebrate ecology, small fish ecology, fisheries monitor design, integrated resource studies, watershed management, and regulatory approvals.

Aquatic conservation through watershed management utilizing innovative technologies