The Damsa Chronicles: Acknowledgements

For the project as a whole, the National Science Council (IRAP) and the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund provided financial support. Dr. E Donaldson, Dr E. Mclean, and I. Solar (formerly with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans), and Dr. P. Ihssen (formerly with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources) provided protocols and evaluations for sexually altering brook and rainbow trout through triploid, hormonal, or manual procedures. The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (OMNR), Thunder Bay District, liaised Sanctuary status for the fisheries during the evaluation period. Many OMNR scientists/biologists contributed technical input/reviews over the 14-year study, which benefited study design. R. Hamilton and K. Armstrong's assistance was particularly helpful. W. Theriault and W. Baker OMNR, Thunder Bay provided useful lake management advice. R. Salmon (OMNR Nipigon) and J. Black (OMNR, Thunder Bay helped review these six chronicles. P. Pepe, D. Van Wagner and R. Bridge from the Ministry of Northern Development and Mines or their predecessor agencies provided helpful guidance/reviews on tourism related undertakings.

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