Why Brook Trout?

The brook trout is arguably the greatest and most beautiful of North American sport fish. Dubbed the "forest fish" by a friend of a colleague, it is found in idyllic environs and pristine waters. True trophies can range from five inches in small headwater creeks to five pounds in larger rivers and lakes.

The protocols employed here can safely extend the range of waters into which brook trout can be introduced and provide the potential for increased growth and survival of stocked fish. The fisheries were created with "wild" Lake Nipigon strain trout. Wild brook trout are, perhaps, the most difficult salmonid to culture and employ to develop exceptional fisheries. Damsa has applied the same technology to domestic rainbows, probably the easiest salmonid to culture and stock, Thus, the company has the capability of applying the principles learned with brook trout to a wide variety of salmonids should such interest arise.

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