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Who is Damsa?

Damsa is a small Canadian company dedicated to enhancing underutilized natural resources for commercial application in a variety of diverse fields including tourism, sport fishing, aquaculture, and wildlife management. As an example, Damsa created new world class trophy brook trout fisheries in nine small lakes and ponds that were devoid of sport fish near Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada over a thirteen year period. Most of the waters required rehabilitation as they were incapable of supporting trout on a year round basis. The project was intended for a private company to develop and maintain new trophy brook trout fisheries in Crown waters and market them for tourism purposes.

To create exceptional recreational brook trout fisheries, Damsa employed new technology that resulted in brook trout averaging five pounds at near maximum development and some fish topping ten pounds. These fisheries surpassed other trophy waters in Canada today, including those in Labrador, and the famed Nipigon system which remains the flagship of trophy waters in Ontario today.

The company has emerged as a leader in the use of sexually altered brook trout in recreational fisheries from hatchery, net pens, and extensive field studies. Emphasis was placed on the use of sexually altered (monosex and sterile) stock as they have important ecological characteristics in addition to the potential for increased growth from sterility. The use of these stocks permits protection of the genetic integrity of receiving ecosystems. Their use also prevents the establishment of stunted populations, a not unusual occurrence in western North America. Finally, sterile stock from a bioenergetic modelling consideration should bioaccumulate less mercury than their sexually mature counterparts. The lower bioaccumulation rate for mercury could also be of importance where mercury accumulates in fish to levels that can pose risks of mercury poisoning to fish consuming birds and wildlife.

Fisheries created by Damsa are sustainable and planned on a watershed basis. They are designed to meet all fishery and environmental regulatory requirements for both Federal and Provincial governments. These are important considerations in resource management in Ontario, Canada and elsewhere.

The ability to create new sustainable and exceptional trophy brook trout fisheries can have significant commercial implications for tourism. The trophy brook trout is arguably North America's most desired sport fish, and fly fishing for these fish attracts avid anglers not only from Canada and the USA, but from throughout the world.

This small team of fisheries and aquatic scientists strives to deliver outstanding value for client services through innovative fisheries design and enhancements, site specific stock recommendations, requirements and development, competently executed field habitat evaluations (and identification of limitations), optimum design of fisheries and environmental monitoring programs, and swift acquisition of government approvals.

Damsa can assist in acquiring fish stocking licenses, environment permits, and/or other authorizations for fisheries development and maintenance. Damsa's technical expertise, understanding of government process, and credibility with regulators can frequently lead to the most cost-efficient fisheries management. Delays and costs that are often associated with government approvals are minimized.

Finally, the company is uniquely positioned to provide leadership in conservation principles with sexually altered recreational brook trout fisheries. Such leadership can result in fisheries approvals where others fail.

The Future is Now : Let us help you create your exceptional brook trout fisheries.

Aquatic conservation through watershed management utilizing innovative technologies